Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

Maybe Earth Day is going to turn out to be the day I annually look back and remember what I was doing in times now past.

As noted in my blog entry of 2010, Earth Day still remains the day I will always remember what the back of someone's jacket read:

Today, the memory of Earth Day was ignited first by the calendar, of course. I had to get closer to it to read that today was Earth Day, and not some event in New Zealand. These calendar people are clever. They design maybe eight calendars for the entire world, then distribute the English ones to the English speaking world--us, and some other former colonies of Great Britain, and the United Kingdom itself.
The second instance happened in the supermarket this morning when the man in front of me had somehow spent $40 on items that didn't seem big enough to fill a Leave It to Beaver lunch box. He didn't think anything of it, but the cashier suddenly remembered the store's apparent promotion and reached for a grocery tote bag--I'm sure made from decomposed green beans--and handed it to the man, explaining that his purchase qualified him to have this bag in recognition of Earth Day.

My own purchase of a popcorn snack and two rolls added up to $3.99, didn't qualify me for the soy-based bag, but did look like I was going to have more fun eating what I bought than what he bought.
Slowly I turned, step-by-step, and I remembered:
I can't help it. I'm hard-wired.
So, now it's the 43rd anniversary and how has it been going? Well, we haven't landed any humans anywhere else in space other than on the moon, but there are signs of a cleaner world, or at least certainly enough commercials to tell us that banking online will save trees, stamps and lower the carbon footprint. When the meteor hits, we'll have an extra 12 seconds.
Three years have gone by since that 2010 posting. What else is new?
I am in the supermarket at 10 A.M. and not at work, because I am retired. A supermarket is once a place I would only ever hear about from my wife, or see from a passing car. I'd never go in, because I didn't want to, or need to.
My wife still does the shopping, but I now complement it by getting the things I've always wanted but in the past had to accept her explanation that they, "don't carry that," or, "they apparently were all out" when she'd return with nothing I asked about.
This of course always amused me. All that national advertising, and they were out of ice cream. Again.

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