Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You're a Kumquat

The joys and advantages of reading obituaries have been mentioned before. Aside from the history of the person and the era they lived in, you might also come away with some life-sustaining quotes. And not necessarily a quote from the departed, or even the obituary writer, who might have created a lede for the ages, or who ends the piece with a great turn-of-the-phrase zinger about the departed.

No, there can be other quotes. And if the obituary writer is good and lucky enough to come across one, the hope is they will share it and work it into the story.

Bruce Weber has done that today. The just departed Chuck Fairbanks, a famous college and professional football coach, sometimes seemed to create a fair amount of legal trouble for the teams whose employ he was leaving.

Apparently, Fairbanks created a ton of legal trouble when he agreed to leave the professional New England Patriots and go back to a college program at the University of Colorado. All parties it seems may not have been privy to all the information when they should have been. Or, at least there were those who felt that way, enough that New England sued the University, and the University sued the Patriots.

The acrimony apparently got so prolonged and heated that the Governor of Colorado even got into it, when Richard D. Lamm exclaimed that, "this is a public business and should be conducted in daylight." The phrase "transparency" had not yet caught on then.

Governor Lamm further added that ..."the citizens of this state were being treated like mushrooms..." And why would that be bad, Governor? "...kept in the dark and a bunch of manure spread on us."

That does sound bad.

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