Saturday, August 6, 2016

Tense Summer Wears on Merkel

She's back in the news, and I'm thinking she's holding the lead over Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May for the title of most photographed woman with clothes on. But Angela has problems due to her open-door immigration policy, and the German population is taking it out on her popularity. She's down a good number of percentage points.

The print edition of today's WSJ shows a very mystical photo of the chancellor from the chin up, with her eyes closed. She's almost Buddha looking. In fact, since the photo is so tightly cropped around her face we really can't tell if she's still the most photographed woman with clothes on, because frankly, from the vantage point of the shot, you can't tell if she's got any clothes on. We'll assume she does, however.

The online edition carries the above photo, a good deal more flattering, and shows us the Angela that we know, decked out in her suit jacket, in this case, a nice shade of blue.

Gee, her eyes look blue too. Nice.

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