Friday, January 18, 2013

Dear Abby

I never knew Dear Abby was so funny until I read her obituary in today's NYT.

I certainly knew enough about her, and her twin sister's advice column, Ann Landers, but I suppose I seldom picked up a newspaper that had a 'Dear Abby' syndicated column.

Margalit Fox, in today's obituary, wisely culls some prime-time zingers from the advice columns of Pauline Phillips and reprints them with the letters that lead to the response.

If Roger Miller once sang the warning about being unable to roller-skate in a buffalo herd, 'Dear Abby' wisely pointed out that frying bacon shouldn't be done in the nude. Everything else was okay.

It didn't take long for this advice to remind me of the woman I once met while doing an external audit of a company's health benefits management.

When Blanche (Dreyfus) was asked where she might be going on vacation, she replied that she never really knew--she just packed light. "I throw my toothbrush and my panties in my purse, and go." She added that the panties kept her from being completely nude while brushing her teeth.

I'd now love to ask if she read about that somewhere.

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