Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Donald

Have I been remiss not to write specifically about Donald Trump? I don't think so. There are so many other people either doing a good or bad job of that, that I've been sticking to my policy of not being a political blogger. We have so many. And some of them actually get paid for treating us to their angst and therapy notes.

I just found myself getting ready to put together the 2016 edition of the 'Onofframp' postings. We're near year's end, and it is time to decide on a cover, a back cover and a dedication. 2016 will be the 8th edition of the blog postings put into a book format that can be accomplished through the website Blog2Print. There is of course a fee for book binding my vanity.

Glancing over the editions I took a quick look at the last posting made for 2015, a December 29th take on the news that a person was killed in Germany by an exploding condom machine that he and two others were trying to blast their way into for the cash. A true story, check it out: http://onofframp.blogspot.com/2015/12/you-tell-me.html

I find it great to be able to read something I wrote and find something in there that I don't really remember writing, but that now so incredibly fits into today's news.

As with anything, one thing leads to another, and in the posting I imagined rewriting the headlines that were accompanying the story to something more like what the New York Post would write: 'GERMAN GUY'S GONG GETS SCHLONGED AND DIES.'

The word schlong was then recently in the news because Donald Trump, (yes, the real Donald Trump) was reminding the American public that in 2008 Hillary Clinton got "schlonged" by Barack Obama.  The future was before us, and no one paid attention. I included The Donald's description of a margin of victory because of his choice of words.

Consider this. In December 2015 Donald Trump was in his inimitable fashion describing Hillary's loss to Obama in terms you might expect to hear someone say in a bar in Queens. Donald of course was born in Queens, but probably didn't hang out in the beer and shot places. But, he certainly grew up around enough construction workers.

In everything I've read or heard about the recent presidential election and Mr. Trump's truly astounding victory, I can truthfully say I haven't heard anyone say Hillary got "schlonged" by The Donald.

My own metaphor is that Hillary became the 1964 Phillies, who were leading the National League pennant race by 6 1/2 games with 12 games left to play. No divisional playoff the, no wild cards. Just win the pennant, and you're in the World Series, and the Phillies looked like a lead pipe cinch to do that.

But as in horse racing, you have to run the race. The Phillies lost 10 straight games, and 12 of 13, and finished tied for second with the Cincinnati Reds, with the St. Louis Cardinals (Red birds) winning the pennant.

And now we have Hillary Clinton claiming Vladimir Putin and the Reds (Russians) have cost her the election.

Yogi said it: "It's deja vu all over again."


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