Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One in A Million

There's an expression that goes: "you're one in a million."  This is usually meant as a compliment because your pleasant virtues or talents are considered so unique that they're hardly shared by others.

But, "one in a million," however rare, does give the world 2,000 other people who are just like you if you consider you're being measured from the 2 billion person population of China.  It's just math at that point.

@Obitsman aside from writing obituaries for a major newspaper scans countless newspapers online in search of a story.  Yesterday he gave the world a Tweet on someone in England who grew a particularly large onion--a world record in fact.  There's a world record for everything, and none of this should surprise anyone.

The fact that the man looks like Frank Perdue and appears to be cradling a strange chicken that's all breast proves the mathematical "unique" ratio of things around the world.

Frank and Peter are just part of "one in a million."


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