Friday, December 25, 2009

Year-End Wrap Up, Part II

Back at the pile. This is a bit like shoveling snow. You make a dent, but you tire out.

Certainly not many occupational clusters here, but the first one does somewhat provide some irony. The last survivor of the Titanic and a famous boat designer are written about on the same day. If that bigger boat had a better design and came equipped with a lot more little boats, then the "survivor" might have only had a story to tell of landing in New York from the maiden voyage. Who knows if they even would have lived so long? New York can wear you out.

I was reminded of the serendipity nature of all his when my friend was over for Christmas and was telling me about the New York Giants book he was looking at that I gave him recently. It contains facsimile pages of the sports stories that appeared in the NYT of the Giant seasons throughout the years of the franchise. And like anything in a newspaper, the story of interest might be surrounded by something else. Just like these obituaries.

Passing through the Giants' history and the early 60s my friend came across a story about Cuba and Dr. Fidel Castro. This was the years when he was still being wooed by the United States. I somewhat remember this honorific, a nod it seems to a law degree, I believe. I also remember Castro throwing chicken bones out of the Hotel Theresa in Harlem at reporters one Sunday morning.

There are many ways to make an impression in New York.
  • Millvina Dean, Last Survivor of the Titanic, Dies at 97

  • Philip C. Bolger, 81, Prolific Boat Designer

  • Harry J. Gray, Who Lead the Rise of United Technologies, Dies at 89

  • Drake Leven, 62, of Paul Revere & the Raiders

  • William F. Reedy, 72, Billy Martin's Friend

  • Jerri FitztGerald, 57, Dies; Treated Herself at South Pole

  • Shelly Gross, 88 Producer For Broadway and Suburbs

  • Harve Presnell, Singing Actor, Dies at 75

  • Alexis Arguello, 57, Boxer and Politician

  • Howard Unruh, 88 Dies; Killed 13 of His Neighbors in Camden in 1949

  • James Wiseman, 91, James Bond's Dr. No

  • Soupy Sales, Flinger of Pies and Punch Lines, Dies at 83

  • Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, 95; Created Cure for Clubfoot

  • Jack Nelson, an Investigative Reporter, Dies at 80

  • Collin Wilcox, 74, Actress in 'Mockingbird'

  • Arturo Gatti, Fearless Boxer Known For Relentless Violence, Dies at 37

  • Barbara Margolis, 79, Prisoners' Advocate

  • Alan F. Kiepper, 81, Who Oversaw Transit in Atlanta, Houston and New York, Dies

  • Richard Egan, 73, a Founder of EMC Storage

  • Robert Schindler, 71, Father of Terri Schiavo

  • Keith Waterhouse, Writer, Dies at 80

  • F.M. Rogallo, 97, Father of Hang Gliding

  • Ismael Valenzuels, 74, Hall of Famer Who Rode Kelso

  • Sergei V. Mikhalkov, 96, Russian Anthem's Lyricist

  • Harold A. Ackerman, 81, A Longtime Federal Judge

  • John Storm Roberts, World-Music Scholar, Dies at 73

  • Bess Lomax Hawes, 88, Folk Scholar

  • Tommy Henrich, Yanks Star, Dies at 96

  • Jennifer Jones, Actress Whose Career Came With a Turbulent Life, Dies at 90

  • C. Bryan, 73, 'Friendly Fire' Writer, Dies

  • Thomas Hoving, Who Boldly Remade the Met in the '70s, Is Dead at 78

  • Gene Barry, Actor of TV, Film and Stage, Dies at 90

  • P. Scanlon, 78; Led Coopers When Big 8 Ruled Accounting

  • (With the length of Hoving's obit, I didn't even get to the Sports until we were in the tunnel)

  • Hugh Morgan Hill, Who Wove Tales as Brother Blue, Is Dead at 88

  • (Does anyone remember NY's Moondog, pictured above?)
  • Ira Hanford, 91; Rode Winner of '36 Derby

  • Evelyn Hofer, a Subtle Photographer Of People and Architecture, Dies at 87

  • Carl Ballantine, 92, Slapstick Magician

  • Bobby Frankel, 68, Trainer of Champion Horses, Dies

  • Edward Woodward, 79, Star of Spy Series

  • John J. O'Connor, a Times TV Critic In Years of Industry Upheaval, Dies at 76

  • Patriarch Pavle, 95; Led Serbian Church

  • John Kenley, 103; Took Big Stars to Small-Town Stages

  • Micelle Triola Marvin, 76, Of Landmark Palimony Suit

  • Captain Lou Albano, 76, Wrestler and Showman

  • Nan Robertson, Pulitzer-Winning Times Reporter, 83

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