Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wrap Up Wrapped Up

This gets as close to complete as I can manage—for this year at least.

A review like this serves to remind one of is how versatile the obituary writer is. They seemingly become instant experts in the field the deceased made their mark in. Surely, some of the writers might have a grooved specialty, but the assignment may not always coincide. They become like a debating team, getting the assignment cold, and having to make good on what follows.

These were the doubles and triples that caught my interest. There were many single ones that have been clipped and stuffed. It’s impossible to predict if you’re newsworthy enough to even rate such a send-off who you might get ganged up with. Through suicide, or very careful planning (I always thought Charles Schulz just too coincidentally passed away on the last day of his Peanuts strip), one might be able to pick their time, but they can’t pick the company they’ll keep.

It’s like riding the subway. You never really know who will be next to you.

  • Peter E. Fleming Jr., 79; Defense Lawyer Who Relished the Limelight
  • Tears for Creator of Hot Dog Onion Sauce
(Okay, these weren't on the same page. They weren't even in the same newspaper. They weren't even on the same day. They were both, however in January, six days apart and together on my stack. With your own blog, you get to play editor.)

  • Ricardo Montalban, Actor, Dies at 88
  • Patrick McGoohan, 80, Star of Spy Series
  • W.D. Snodgrass, 83 a Poet of Intensely Autobiographical Themes
  • Andrew Wyeth, Realist and Lightning Rod, Dies
  • John Mortimer, Barrister and Writer Who Created Rumpole, Dies at 85
  • Leonard Andrews, 83; Bought Wyeth's Artworks
    (Same paper, same day. Honest.)
  • Pat Hingle, an Actor Adept at Good and Evil, Dies at 84
  • Victor H. Krulak, 95, Marine Behind U.S. Landing Craft
  • Philip Egan, a Designer of a Fabled Sedan, Dies at 88
  • Inger Christensen, 73, Scandinavian Poet
  • Harlington Wood Jr., 88, Siege Negotiator, Is Dead
  • Don Galloway, 71, TV Actor Known for 'Ironside' Role
  • Schuyler G. Chapin, Stalwart Champion of the Arts in New York, Dies at 86
  • John Cephas, 78, Piedmont Style Guitarist
  • Clement Freud, Wit, Politician and Granson of Famous Psychoanalyst, Dies at 84
  • Deborah Digges, 59, Poet Who Channeled Struggles
  • Whitelaw Reid, 95, Heir to New York Herald Tribune
  • John Oros, 87, Top Jockey as a 17-Year-Old
  • Yitzak Ahronovitch, 86, Exodus Skipper In Defiant '47 Voyage of Jewish Refugees
  • Lester Rodney, Early Voice in Fight Against Racism in Sports, Dies at 98
  • George Michael, Sportscaster, Dies at 70
  • Robert Howard, 70, Decorated Serviceman
  • Charles Lieber, 78, Dies; Studied Alcohol as Toxin
  • Alf Pike, 91, Cup Winner Before Rangers' Dry Spell
  • Rev. Joseph C. Martin, 84, Leader in Alcoholism Fight
  • Ron Silver, 62, Persuasive Actor and Activist, Dies
  • Jack Kemp, Football Star Who Became Champion of Tax Cuts, Dies at 73
  • John Michell, 76 Author and Eccentric
  • Paul Harvey, Homespun Radio Voice of Middle America, Is Dead at 90
  • Mary Printz, 82, An Ear for the Famous


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