Thursday, December 24, 2009

Starting the Year-End Wrap Up

I'm hardly exempt from the year-end look backs and nostalgia induced thoughts that occur at this time of the year. In fact, year-end might really be my July 4th, time to remember all that has occurred and celebrate.

My form of celebrating I suspect surely differs from most. I set out to clip and trim all the articles I've saved over the year. Sort of act like a butcher and get rid of all the extra pages, margins and other stories that are surrounding the one I'm interested in.

I have a great scissor for this. A left-handed scissor, no less, that is very sharp and cuts while just passing the newsprint through the angle of the two blades. This saves time, and creates less fatigue. Despite all these good intentions and tools, I rarely get through the whole year. So, I never really bail out the ocean. But I don't want to give up the clippings all together. Thoughts the second time around are more indelible.

And right now what is occurring to me is that while sometimes people kick off in occupational clusters, I'm finding that the subject of my article saving can also be surrounded by someone else who was of equal interest. Thus, far less to trim. There are even whole NYT obituary pages that are worth saving, because everyone featured has been of some of interest.

Here are some surprising double and triple headers that I wouldn't have put together on a test, but who landed on the same page throughout the year and who provoked interest. Some occupational similarities, but they can be a diverse set.

And since I do this over a period of time, this blog entry might have installments.

  • Mary Travers, Ringing Voice of Folk In 60s, With Peter and Paul, Dies at 72
  • Henry Gibson, 73, Versifier of 'Laugh-In'

  • Jody Powell, 65, Trusted Aide to Jimmy Carter, Dies
  • Crystal Lee Sutton, 68, The Real-Life 'Norma Rae'

  • Samuel M. Ehrenhalt Is Dead at 83; Added Color to Dry Economic Data
  • Danny La Rue, 81, Female Impersonator

  • Gale Storm, 87, Is Dead; Earned Television Fame For Her Wholesome Role
  • Michael Martin, 50, Subway Graffiti Artist Iz the Wiz
  • Billy Mays, 50, Enthusiastic TV Pitchman

  • Sam Cohn, Talent Broker in Film and Stage, Dies at 79
  • Eleanor Perenyi, Writer and Gardener, 91

  • Sam Church Dies at 72; Led United Mine Workers
  • Reggie Fleming, 73, Ruffian On the Ice and a Fan Favorite

  • Daniel Carasso, 103, a Pioneer of Yogurt
  • Edwin Shneidman, Authority on Suicide, Is Dead at 91
  • Wayne Allwine, 62, Mickey's Voice

  • James F. Calvert, 88, Sub Captain Who Surfaced at North Pole, Dies
  • Barry Beckett, 66, Muscle Shoals Musician

  • Daniel Carradine, Actor Defined by His 'Kung Fu' Role, Dies at 72
  • Sam Butera, 81, Saxophonist for Louis Prima
  • Charles Albury, 88, Co-Pilot of Nagasaki Bomber

  • Paul Haney, Voice of Mission Control, Dies at 80
  • Jerry Rosenberg, 72, Jailhouse Lawyer
  • Vincent O'Brien, 92, Top Irish Horse Trainer

  • Paul Fino, 95, Politician Who Battled Lindsay
  • Dusty Rhodes, Star Pinch-Hitter in '54 Series, Dies at 82

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