Saturday, November 19, 2016

Style Points Piling Up

In the competition for World's Most Photographed Woman with Clothes On, Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May is showing how to move up, and possibly forge ahead in the standings for good: show some skin.

Looking nearly naughty in a sleeveless red dress, Ms. May is seen addressing a gathering in London this past Monday at the Annual Lord Mayor's Banquet. The style points are piling up, especially when you compare the WSJ's front page photo of Germany's Angela Merkel matching strides with President Obama on the red carpet at Berlin's Chancellery as the U.S. president makes a farewell tour overseas.

Chancellor Merkel is only caught from the side, tromping somewhat heavy-footed on the red carpet, looking as if it will be her job to roll it up after the ceremony and lock it away for another day.

Say this about the Brits. You have to acknowledge they are in this race, with a prime minister who can throw off a simply saucy look in a sleeveless dress that reveals no tattoos on her biceps.

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