Tuesday, November 22, 2016

First, You Start With One of Each...

Brooklyn Woman Convicted of Cruelty to 100 Rabbits

So goes a story's headline in today's NYT. This is one of those stories that follows the timeline from the arrest to the trial, and that will eventually lead to the sentencing, and then possible appeal.

"A Brooklyn woman charged with abusing the residents of her sprawling rabbit colony was convicted on Monday of 100 counts of animal cruelty, one for each rabbit..."

The story is a doozy, complete with a byline by the court reporter Andy Newman, and a photo of the convicted woman, Dorota Trec.

"The six-person jury acquitted Ms. Trec of 25 of the cruelty counts. But over and over, the forewoman read 'guilty' as she was asked about each charge in the Criminal Court in Brooklyn." The reading of the verdicts took a half-hour. Talk about cruelty.

"Ms. Trec, who acted as her own lawyer and has filed a $2.8 billion civil suit alleging that her rabbits were wrongfully seized, vowed to fight on. 'I think this is all injustice,' she said. 'There's so many reasons to appeal.'"

How many reasons to appeal there will be by the time one is filed is anyone's guess.


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