Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams

Sadly, funny people are not always happy.

It's not often that someone of note passes away who is younger than me; whose years fit inside of mine. As I age, and if I age to the point of becoming one of those octogenarians, then I suspect I'll be reading about such people more often.

There wasn't much I didn't already know about Mr. Williams when I read today's obituary. I didn't know he had aortic valve surgery in 2009. Such is the case when someone comes to your attention when you're already an adult, and leaves us when you're a somewhat older adult.

In my last annual collection of these blog entries, rather than a dedication I opened with a sentiment. "How bad can the year have been if you're alive at the end of it?"

For Robin Williams, he chose not to be alive at the end of this one.


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