Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The King

Yesterday, someone I know Twittered, "Bye Elvis. Again."  It took a bit to remember, but August 1977 was when he passed away, and of course August 16th was the actual day. At least to some.

Thirty-four years have now gone by. A whole generation has entered middle age who may not have even ever heard of Elvis, much less heard Elvis. That's the way it goes. I never went to a silent movie, and never saw Douglas Fairbanks Sr. in one.  My mother and father did, however.

Elvis turned many a pair of knees to jelly. A long time ago, Nostalgia met Marketing. So why not an Elvis app for a smartphone? Those same knees, now maybe arthritic, or even replaced, can relive the good old days with a downloadable app that when pressed, fills the screen of the smartphone for eight seconds with the above image. A few seconds into the display, Elvis winks, and purrs "G'night" to the smartphone holder.

He may have gone into that good night, but he can be brought back.

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