Sunday, May 1, 2011

For The Want of an 'S' The Kingdom Was...

It's a great photo.  The royal couple tooling away with the top down in the groom's dad's car. It's festive, and the license plate says JUST WED.  How clever. No, wait! It clearly says JU5T WED.  It looks like 'JUST,' but isn't.

I've seen enough of public broadcasting and English shows to think that this is an example of what our across-the-pond cousins would call a "cock-up."  How do you explain the use of a number to replace a letter?  If it isn't a cock-up, then what is it?

Explanations abound.  The Royal Typographer got into the sherry a bit early.  Maybe by a full day.  Somoene else has JUST WED and they couldn't use the same plate.  Now come on.  The English monarchy can't buy a consonant for a day?  Thing ARE bad.

They have to use a number somewhere in the plate. Huh?  Unless Prince Philip reported the car stolen, it's unlikely it's a REAL plate. There's a real looking one on the front.

National health care in England is a complete disaster.  Eye exams take forever to schedule and the people at RDMV (Royal Department of Motor Vehicles) are last, anyway.

The IRA is somehow involved. '5' is code for something.  It's a Twitter handle. @JUSTWED was taken.  In fact, it is taken, and Jennifer Conroy hasn't posted anything yet. Come on Jennifer, you're clogging up the show.

Explanations, inane or otherwise, welcome.

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