Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Labelled for Life

Let me tell you. Buy a grandchild a Carvel birthday cake with a swirling, cone-shaped brown pile that you thought was just decoration, only to learn what you got was a cake decorated with a poop emoji, and the world thinks you need to be reminded of what a poop emoji is for the rest of your life.

Take the sign a friend got me for Christmas. It's a garden sign, and right now it is tucked into a corner of the backyard garden.

I'm told in some neighborhoods these kinds of signs are prevalent on the verge in front of homes when the owners like to send non-compliant pooper-scoopers a message. I've never seen any in my neighborhood.

Then there's this other...what?...object I guess. It's a real roll of toilet paper wrapped in cellophane with a greeting and a message. It was part of the Father's Day gifts I got. This one is from the aunt of the
grandchildren, the other daughter.

Ganging up on me is nothing new.

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