Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Please Say It Isn't So

It was announced yesterday that over Elizabeth Taylor's dead body Lindsay Lohan was chosen to portray the Academy Award winning actress in a Lifetime made-for-TV biopic.

Lifetime is of course the tear-jerker movie channel, but how they can envision Lindsay Lohan playing the talented, lusty and busty Ms. Taylor might be the biggest miscasting in the history of entertainment. Lifetime is known for soap opera type themes, and Ms. Taylor's  life certainly had those elements. But her story is nowhere near the usual grief-stricken tale of the family whose dog was crushed in their driveway by a tractor-trailer that accidently pulled up to the garage door because of a bad GPS read-out. It was Avenue, not Lane.

The news story carried Lindsay's movie credits and Ms. Taylor's. No similarities were noted, unless of course Ms. Lohan's omitted role of Career Defendent on Court TV is considered. But when it is realized that Ms. Taylor easily had her share of judicial proceedings before moving on to the next husband, the miscasting seems to make just a little more sense.

No word yet on who is picked to play Sir Richard Burton, but it is reported Ricky Martin is interested.

God save the Queen.

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