Friday, April 15, 2011

A Bestseller (Of Sorts)

A tweet from @obitsman once again has set the mind down memory lane.  The latest has to do with a book that perhaps to no one's surprise has achieved a bestseller ranking. The book is about sex, and there is
A LOT of competition when it comes to that. I won't go into a time consuming review.  Follow the link and judge for yourself.

Fair warning. The story about the book will take longer to read than the book itself.  It is doubtful there will be a sequel, but a planet with 6 billion or so humans on it needs no sequels.

Years and years ago I heard or read one of those Monday newspaper statistics that the average teen-age boy thinks about sex every 14 seconds.  I do not remember at all how the measurement was arrived at.

These kind of "study results" still show up in the NYT, below the fold, and to me seem to be oddly prevalent on Mondays, even after all these years. The movers and shakers were likely doing something else over the weekend other than making news, so the paper still needs to report on something. Memorably, I also once read of Baltimore school children having trouble digesting milk.

When I read the '14 second finding' I think I was past my teen-age years, so I didn't haul out a stopwatch and see if it might be true. I figured it could be, however.

And given that, I concluded males are not given enough credit for advancing in life, probably graduating high school, maybe completing college, even achieving an advanced degree, working, marriage, perhaps children raised successfully, or close enough that it counts--like in horseshoes--all those things achieved while being distracted at least several times an hour by variations on a constant thought.

Even slowing the interval down, you have to admit, like the lyric in 'My Fair Lady,' "by and large, we are a marvelous sex."

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