Thursday, January 22, 2009

One of A Kind

I think it was October 2006, my younger daughter (now 27) and I went to see Rosanne Cash at Zankel Hall, Carnegie Hall's "basement," so to speak. The concert was GREAT! My daughter enjoyed it and we became solid fans. One of the best performances I was ever in attendance for. Rosanne sold some CDs that night.

Rosanne did at least two encores, maybe three. And she closed with a story.

She told how she was telling a female friend of hers that she was going to be playing at Zankel Hall. Her friend kept saying, "Well, that's wonderful, you're playing Carnegie." Rosanne kept trying to explain that they weren't really the same hall. Zankel was part of Carnegie, but it wasn't Carnegie Hall.

Her friend it seemed, wouldn't concede, or see a difference. Rosanne told how she finally drove the point home by telling her friend, "Look, you can go to several cities and there's a Saks. But there's only one Bergdorf's."

I love telling some sales people I know at Saks that one.

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